A Brief Intro of Our First Makers!

Meet Douha, Esraa, Sabha, and Hala! These are our first group of Syrian refugee women that will be producing all of the pieces you order (and pre-order in the beginning).


Each of these women has a unique story that is hers to share. I can’t wait to use the blog and our Instagram account to share their stories, in their own words! 

If you’re local to San Diego County, we will be planning many opportunities for you to meet these lovely ladies in person too!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more in-depth posts with interviews with these Syrian women. 

Plus, every piece is named after a Syrian refugee woman or girl that I have met. So, we will share more of their stories as we talk about the pieces too. 

Thanks for the support on our launch and pre-orders!

xoxo, Megan