It is About More Than Pretty Jewelry

Be prepared to cry... @gailmariav is one of the sweetest women I have met because of this journey! She bought the Douha Earrings a while ago for herself. Then, the sweet Syrian girls she was visiting in New Jersey fell in love with them too. So, she custom-ordered the Douha Earrings in pink and yellow for these girls.

Here is the follow up: “Here are the Syrian girls rocking their Douha earrings. I told them Douha is from Aleppo and, since this family is from rural Idlib province, we spent an hour looking at videos of: Aleppo dabke and traditional music, snowfall in their home village, picking olives at harvest time, and the influence of Turkish food on that part of Syria. It made me so happy to know there’s a thread of connection now and I wish the US were smaller so we could all get together and share the baqlawa that [their mom] made. The girls are Zeinab, 12, and her sister Zahra, 11.

...I’m happy to share another Syrian story with [their mom] so she knows there are others out there like her. 💗” My maker Douha was so touched when I told her this story too!

If you purchase Jamila Collective pieces as gifts, please share the stories with us! We truly love hearing how our pieces are touching lives. My makers love to hear these stories too! As I say often, it’s about more than pretty jewelry.