#MeettheMakerMonday - Meet Douha

Today we are sharing about sweet, sweet Douha. (She is camera shy, but here is her hand showing off her amazing first work back in November.) She is one of the strongest women I've ever met. This past weekend, we visited her family for this amazing meal and to connect more. She is Esraa's mom and has three other daughters too. Her only son drowned soon after their arrival in America two years ago, so they had a heartbreaking start to their new life in America. But, this weekend Cindy Lynn Portrait gave them a beautiful gift in the form of a 16x20 print of the last picture ever taken of her son. (I was definitely holding back my tears.) During our visit, Douha also talked about all her ideas for the new pins. She has plenty of talent and fun ideas. Her work is spot-on every week now and she is ready to increase her workload. She is a hard worker and told me she is ready to help take Jamila Collective to the next level 😍

What message would you like the send to dear Douha? (She sees everything on the business Facebook!)