#MeettheMakerMonday - Meet Sabha

Today we are kicking off a fun new weekly series on our Instagram account called #MeettheMakerMonday! For this first installment, I want to share a little bit more about the journey of one of my sweet Syrian refugee makers to make it to America.

Sabha is a mom of five from Daraa in southern Syria. Her husband worked abroad most of the year, but returned to Syria to be with his family when the war broke out. They fled to Irbid, Jordan a year later in 2012 after things were too dangerous for them in Daraa. Sabha was married when she was 14 (and her husband was 17), so she never had the opportunity to pursue a higher education or a career. She has her drivers license and attends English school, but working has been too difficult for her in America (until now!). So, this jewelry maker position is her first chance at earning an income to help her family in very expense San Diego. She is grateful for this new chance at life here in America and she wants to become a US citizen and attend college! She dreams of all her children succeeding here.

What would you like to know about my Syrian makers? What questions do you want to ask them (I will directly ask them and give you an answer)?

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