#MeettheMakerMonday - Meet Hala

Today is the next installment of #MeettheMakerMonday, where I share more about one of my Syrian makers on Instagram. Today, I am sharing a little bit more about Hala.

Hala, like Sabha, is from Daraa in Southern Syrian. After suffering in Jordan for a few years, they accepted the call to resettle in America. She was worried about coming to a strange land with new customers, but she is working hard for a new life here. She is a very fast worker and loves to cook too! Her English is coming along and her family loves to all joke together. They compete to see who knows the English words best when I am there 🤣 During my visit this weekend to pick up her work, we discussed how she wants to “get rid of her fear of the freeways.” She drives around town, but wants to me a more confident freeway driver since San Diego has so many freeways. She promised me that once she knows the freeways more, she will come visit me to have coffee or tea together by my house. I’m holding her to that promise 😉 She makes all of our Lore Earrings and Rowida Necklaces 💗

What would you like to know about my Syrian makers? What questions do you want to ask them (I will directly ask them and give you an answer)?

Best-Selling Items Made by Hala: